Standing Committee Reports

Frequency Control Standing Committee Meeting, July 2017

Byline: Sheng-Shian Li, Newsletter Editor – Frequency Control

Doubs River view in Besançon

The Standing Committee Meeting of Frequency Control took place on the first day (July 9th) of 2017 EFTF-IFCS in Besançon, France. Besançon is a lovely small town located in the east of France with a beautiful river view (the Doubs River). It is also famous for its micro-technology and watch industries. With its reputed timing tradition, the conference has been hosted here for its second time (first time in 2009). The meeting was held in the Micropolis Conference Center in the evening right after the conference reception. There were 15 Standing Committee members attending this meeting with Dr. Clark T.-C. Nguyen (UFFC President) and Dr. Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb (UFFC President-Elect).

1st TPC Meeting to Plan for IEEE IFCS’18


IFCS'18 planning

IEEE IFCS’18 1st TPC meeting in Besançon, France on July 11th 2017.

The first TPC meeting of IEEE IFCS’18 was held on July 11th 2017 at the joint EFTF-IFCS in Besançon, France. Dr. Aaron Partridge, General Chair for IFCS’18, and Prof. Dana Weinstein, TPC Chair, animated the meeting.