Frequency Control Awards

The IEEE UFFC Society congratulates the following 2016 Frequency Control Award winners:

W.G. Cady Award – Bernd W. Neubig
“For 40 years of contributions to the area of piezoelectric frequency control devices as a successful researcher, educator, and entrepreneur and the efforts in the international standardization of piezoelectric devices.”

C.B. Sawyer Award – Paul Muralt
“For his outstanding contribution to understand growth mechanisms of piezoelectric thin films and materials, the development of innovative structures for acoustic-wave-based resonators and transducers, and the promotion of their use for effective time-and-frequency applications.”

I.I. Rabi Award – John E. Kitching
“For his pioneering work on Chip-Scale Atomic Devices.”

Descriptions of each award and lists of past winners can be found at the following links:

Award Descriptions and Nomination Procedures