13th Piezoelectric Devices Conference & Exhibition Vol. 2

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13th Piezoelectric Devices Conference & Exhibition Vol. 2  Download  
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Committees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors  Download  
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Generating Surface Finish and Figure on Quartz - Part 4 - John H. Sherman, Jr.  Download  
Clean Room Requirements for Crystal Industry - Juergen H. Staudte  Download  
Statistical Design of Experiments Applied to a Complex Manufacturing Process: An Example - Jonathan W. Foise and Gary R. Johnson  Download  
Environmental Sensitivities of Quartz Crystal Oscillators - Fred L. Walls  Download  
A Crystal Filter Tutorial for the Customer - C. W. Pond, Daryl Kemper, and David Kemper  Download  
Supression of Anharmonic Spurious Modes in Overtone Quartz Resonators by Modified Electrode Design - A Practical Approach - Vladimir Brajovic and Ljiljana Spasic  Download  
Oscillator Analysis Using S-Parameter Techniques - Warren Smith, D. E. Newell, James Wordelman, and Dave Kenny  Download  
Investigation of Idosyncracies Observed in Self-Bias Logic Gates - Kenneth Hartman  Download  
Oscillator Instabilities and Specifications - John R. Vig  Download  
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