13th Piezoelectric Devices Conference & Exhibition Vol. 1

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13th Piezoelectric Devices Conference & Exhibition Vol. 1  Download  
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Awards  Download  
Committees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors  Download  
Table of Contents  Download  
Welcome  Download  
State of Art VHF Quartz Blanks Processing - Lech Morawiec  Download  
Vacuum Annealing Improves the Ageing Characteristics of Crystal Unit - K. K. Chakrabarti  Download  
Generating Surface Figure and Finish on Quartz - Part 4 Polishing and Etching - John H. Sherman, Jr.  Download  
Automated Measuring and Sorting System for Round and Rectangular Quartz Blanks Using X-Ray Diffraction - Hans Bradaczek  Download  
Clean Room Design and Operation or Predictable Engineering Vs Your Great Aunts Old Wives Tales - Stephen L. Gilbert  Download  
Design of Experiments for Product and Process Improvement - Christopher J. Nachtsheim  Download  
Statistical Design of Experiments Applied to a Complex Manufacturing Process - Jonathan W. Fosie and Gary R. Johnson  Download  
Environmental Sensitivites of Quartz Crystal Oscillators - Fred L. Walls  Download  
Specification of Crystals and Crystal Oscillators - Patrick R. Brown  Download  
Purchase Strategy Development for Crystals and Crystal Oscillators - Patrick R. Brown  Download  
Supplier Selection Considerations - Patrick R. Brown  Download  
Tuna Boat Vs VCXO or How to Specify a Quartz Crystal - John B. Fisher, Dale Hartung, and Bruce Wright  Download  
ISO 9000 - Quality Pain or Potential Profit - Ron Given  Download  
Frequency Equations for the Plano-Convex AT Cut Quartz Crystal - Luther C. Barcus  Download  
Suppression of Anharmonic Spuriious Modes in Overtone Quartz Resonators by Modified Electrode Design - Vladimir Brajovic and Ljiljana Spasic  Download  
A Process-Capable System for Hermetic Solder Sealing of Tight Tolerance Crystals - James Socki  Download  
At Strip Resonator Applications and Capabilities - W. T. Woodland and R. S. Witte  Download  
Measurement of Quartz Crystal Unit Resonator Parameters with a New Method by Pi-Network - Akhbaart -Ali  Download  
Characterization and Measurement of Filters Using a Vector Network Analyzer - Warren L. Smith  Download  
Review and Fundamentals of Surface Acoustic Wave Technology - Donald C. Malocha  Download  
Time and Frequency Metrology, Phase Noise Measurements and Characierization of Precision Oscillators - David W. Allan  Download  
Trends in the Piezoelectric Devices Market - Kathryn Walsh  Download  
The Piezoelectric Industry: A Perspective on Current and Future Applications - Gary A. Breed  Download  
A Review of Crystal Band Reject Filters - C. W. (Bill) Pond  Download  
A High Frequency Test Fixture for Two Port Passive Devices - Mark Cavin and Donald C. Malocha  Download  
Ultralinear Small-Angle Phase Modulator - John Lowe and F. L. Walls  Download  
Negative and Positive Q in Oscillator Circuits - Roger L. Clark  Download  
CAD Techniques for Crystal Circuits - Randall W. Rhea  Download  
Back Cover  Download