11th Quartz Devices Conference & Exhibition Vol. 1

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X-Ray Fluorescent Thickness Measurement for SPC (Statistical Process Control) of Films on Quartz - Michael Brodsly  Download  
Field-Assisted Bonding of Single Crystal Quartz - Randall D. Watkins, Clinton D. Tuthill, Richard M. Curlee, Dale R. Koehler, and Charles F. Joerg  Download  
High Reliability Crystal Devices Planning for Development and Manufacture - Thryqve R. Meeker  Download  
Linear Steady State Oscillator Analysis in the Immittance Domain - Benjamin Parzen  Download  
Precision Temperature Test Station for Quartz Crystals - Robert Kinsman and Donald Ryback  Download  
Automated Measurement System for Final Frequency Plating and Characterization of High Precision SC-Cut Crystals - Pierre Stoermer and John A. Kusters  Download  
Realization Of High Degree Delay Equalizers For Crystal Bandpass Filters - Philip R. Geffe  Download  
A Very Fast Orientation Determination Of Doubly Rotated Quartz Cuts - H. Merigoux, J. F. Darces  Download  
Measurement of Quartz Crystal Units up to 500 Mhz and Above by the Use of a Pi Network with Error Correction - Bernd W. Neubig  Download  
Quartz Crystal Resonator Model Parameter Sensitivity, a First Order Analysis - Donald C. Malocha, Madjid A. Belkerdid, & Karen M. Park  Download  
Abrasive Selection and Control in Lapping Processes - Gerald L. Simmons  Download  
Summary Report of EIA-PI1 Participation in IEC-TC49-WG6 Measurements Workshop and Activities of the IEC-TC49 - Charles Adams and Canon Bradley  Download  
Summary Report of Working Group 6 [Measurements] Activities During the TC/49 Meeting in Brighton, England - Warren L.Smith  Download  
The Philips Digital Temperature-Compensated Quartz Oscillator - Joe Yerna  Download  
Steady State Oscillator Analysis in the Immittance Domain (Part 2 Applications Including Computer Aided Analysis) - Benjamin Parzen  Download  
The Influence of Design Parameters on the Dynamic Capacitance of Quartz Crystal Units - Vladimir Brajović  Download  
Generating Surface Figure and Finish on Quartz - Part 2 - John H Sherman, Jr.  Download  
Improving Productivity with Manufacturing Cycle Time Reduction - James B. Swartz  Download  
Improving Competitiveness of American Industry  Download  
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