Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is the highest Society-wide award presented to a member in special recognition of outstanding contributions. Selection criteria include significant technical publications in the field of ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, or frequency control, as well as contributions to these technical fields, and service to the Society. Winner is selected by the Officers and the Awards Committee from nominations submitted by the general membership. Presentation is usually at one of the Society’s major symposia.

The award consists of an honorarium of $2,000, a plaque and a certificate.

Nominations may be submitted at any time. The final due date is January 15 in the year of the award. Any member may submit a nomination by sending the nominee’s complete contact information, a description of that person’s main contributions (not to exceed two pages), a suggested citation, and a curriculum vitae along with the submitter’s own contact information to:


Peter A. Lewin

For pioneering contributions to ultrasound exposimetry and metrology and the impact they made on diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound applications

Ronald Daigle

For his significant contributions to software-based beamforming technology and his extraordinary endeavors in making a fully programmable ultrafast plane wave imaging system available to every ultrasound researcher around the world

Wallace Arden Smith

For major contributions to the fields of piezoelectric ceramic - polymer composites, handheld medical ultrasound scanners, and relaxor-based piezoelectric single crystals and continuing advocacy for piezoelectric materials and transducers

David W. Allan

For seminal work to the UFFC community regarding time determination, time prediction, time dissemination and timekeeping through contributions to atomic frequency standards, space-based navigation, time and frequency stability analysis, time-scale algorithms, and timekeeping devices.

Bikash K. Sinha

For his pioneering work on bulk and surface acoustic wave quartz resonators and sensors, for being the first to develop a dual-mode thickness-shear based pressure sensor, and exceptional contributions to the borehole sonic technology in the oil and gas industry

John M. Reid

For pioneering contributions to the understanding of ultrasound-tissue interaction, the development of ultrasound medical imaging equipment and Doppler ultrasound systems

Chen S. Tsai

For pioneering contributions to the science and technology of integrated acousto-optics, ultrasonic monodisperse micro droplet generation, acoustic microscopy, and guided-wave magneto-optics

Katherine W. Ferrara

For long-term contributions to biomedical ultrasonics, molecular imaging, and image guided drug delivery.

Nava Setter

For her outstanding research on the fundamentals of ferroelectric and dielectric materials, and their applications in novel devices.

Dr. Ken Lakin

For his pioneering work on aluminum nitride (AlN), AlN for bulk acoustic wave devices (BAW) and being first to develop Solidly Mounted Resonators (SMR-BAW) and Coupled Resonator Filters for BAW.

Dr. Charles Maerfeld

For his pioneering contributions to surface acoustic wave (SAW) and acoustoelectric technology, and their signal processing applications.

Prof. Mack A. Breazeale

For a five-decade-long career of major contributions to non-linear ultrasonics.

Prof. Matthew O’Donnell

For his outstanding contributions to biomedical ultrasonics and real-time ultrasound imaging technologies.

Prof. James G. Miller

For his outstanding contributions to ultrasonic tissue characterization and echocardiography.

Prof. Robert E. Newnham

For his pioneering work on piezoelectric composite transducers, and for his distinguished service to the teaching of structure-property relations in electroceramics to the national and international engineering communities.

Kazuhiko Yamanouchi

For his creative and innovative research on piezoelectric surface and leaky surface waves, SAW transducers and devices, and for his many years of services to the Society.

James F. Greenleaf

For leadership in establishing a broad knowledge of medically significant acoustic and ultrasound imaging technologies.

John A. Kusters

For his valuable and numerous contributions to the understanding and deep insight into the working mechanisms of frequency control devices and his productive work on many Frequency Control and IEEE committees.

Eric L. Adler

For his extensive contributions to the understanding and analysis of bulk, surface and pseudo-surface acoustic waves in single crystals and layered structures, and his years of service to the Society.

John R. Vig

For his creative and innovative research on quartz resonators and sensors, and for his many years of service and leadership in the IEEE UFFFC Society.

Thomas E. Parker

For his original contributions to high-stability SAW oscillators and his leadership of the professional community worldwide for increasingly more precise time standards and time transfer.

William D. O’Brien, Jr.

For leadership in establishing a broad knowledge of the interaction of ultrasound with biological tissue, including bioeffects, exposimetry and clinical standards, and for fostering in his students the joy of discovery.

Noriyoshi Chubachi

For his significant contributions in piezoelectric materials, in ultrasonic microscopy, and in materials characterization; and for his dedication to encouraging and guiding young engineers in ultrasonics research.

L. Eric Cross

For his many contributions to the theoretical understanding and engineering applications of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric materials, and for his worldwide leadership of the ferroelectrics community.

Fred S. Hickernell

For his comprehensive research and development of dielectric and piezoelectric films for acoustical and optical microelectronic devices, and for editing the UFFC-S Newsletter since 1977 with enthusiasm and vision.

Arthur W. Warner, Jr.

For his nearly 60 years of pioneering and wide-ranging contributions to the design and fabrication of high-stability quartz resonators.

Nobuo Mikoshiba

For his devotion to engineering education and his leadership in physical acoustics, photoacoustics and acoustoelectronics,and for establishing the first UFFC-S Chapter in Japan.

Harry F. Tiersten

For developing several rational theories for analyzing the electroelastic behavior in anisotropic crystals, including piezoelectric, nonlinear and energy-trapping effects for bulk and surface acoustic waves.

Arthur Ballato

For his wide-ranging contributions to the fundamental understanding, in both theory and practice, of piezoelectric materials and their application to resonators, filters and frequency control devices, and for his energetic pursuit of IEEE standards.

Gerald W. Farnell

For his dedication to engineering education, his comprehensive research on acoustic propagation and waveguiding in anisotropic materials, and his long-term commitment to the Society and IEEE.

Cecil E. Land

In recognition of his creative and innovative research on ferroelectric and electro-optic phenomena in ceramic materials and devices, and his many years of service to the Society.

Eric A. Ash

For his devotion to education and his innovation and leadership in surface acoustic waves, integrated optics and scanning acoustic microscopy.

Richard M. White

For launching innovative and fruitful ideas in ultrasonics by making pivotal contributions to theory and experiment,in photoacoustics, surface acoustic wave devices and sensors.

Thrygve R. Meeker

For pioneering contributions, ranging from concept to practical implementation, in the fields of bulk wave resonators and dispersive delay lines; and for diligently pursuing standards on piezoelectric crystals.

Calvin F. Quate

For combining the concepts of mechanical scanning and the single-surface diffraction-limited lens to create the Scanning Acoustic Microscope.

Richard C. Williamson

For pioneering contributions to surface wave signal processing device technology, through conception, design, characterization, practical fabrication and seminal application of reflective-grating structures.

Gordon S. Kino

For his vast scientific contributions in numerous fields and his dedication to student involvement in sonics and ultrasonics technology.

Bertram A. Auld

For scientific excellence and distinction through theoretical contributions to ultrasonics.

Herbert J. Shaw

For many contributions, through research and education, to ultrasonics technology.

Robert Adler

For insight, innovation, and leadership given to ultrasonics technology.

John de Klerk

(Citation is not recorded in any document of the Society, but citation most likely acknowledged de Klerk's development of the first Surface Acoustic Wave devices to be widely used in radar systems [13-bit Barker phase code], and his foresight in establishing and editing the Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings.)