Sawyer Award

The C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award is to recognize entrepreneurship or leadership in the frequency control community; or outstanding contributions in the development, production or characterization of resonator materials or structures.


Ron Stephens

For decades of entrepreneurial leadership in the frequency control industry

Paul Muralt

For his outstanding contribution to understand growth mechanisms of piezoelectric thin films and materials, the development of innovative structures for acoustic-wave-based resonators and transducers, and the promotion of their use for effective time-and-frequency applications.

Wan-Thai Hsu

Co-founding Discera, Inc., and pioneering the development and commercialization of MEMS oscillators

Ulrich L. Rohde

For the development of PC software now allowing nonlinear noise analysis of RF circuit and the founding of Synergy Microwave, including the design and manufacture of ultra-low noise sources, RF components and subsystems exhibiting state-of-the-art performance.

Lute Maleki

For his outstanding leadership and entrepreneurship in the founding of OEwaves, and for his many contributions to the frequency control community.

Christine Klemenz Rivenbark

For research and development of high quality crystal growth of emerging LGT and similar materials for the frequency control community, and establishment of a company for production of these materials.

Achim Wixforth

For the development and successful commercialization of surface acoustic wave driven microfluidic systems.

Rich Ruby

For the development of high-Q, miniature FBAR resonators that are producible in large quantities, and of which billions have been produced.

Wolfgang Schäfer

For his long-term commitment to development and applications of precision time transfer equipment.

Jesse Searls

For the development and successful commercialization of microwave signal sources exhibiting spectral purity that significantly advances the state-of-the-art.

Errol EerNisse

For the founding and technical management of companies resulting in the commercialization of sensors based on his inventions of double-ended quartz tuning-fork, and high-stability resonators and sensors based on his understanding of stress effects in quartz.

John R. Vig

For seminal contributions to the science and technology of quartz and piezoresonator devices, and for leadership in the frequency control and timing community extending over many years