Rabi Award

The Rabi Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields of atomic and molecular frequency standards, and time transfer and dissemination.


Scott Diddams

For the development and application of optical frequency combs to precision atomic timing

John E. Kitching

For his pioneering work on Chip-Scale Atomic Devices.

Ulrich L. Rohde

For intellectual leadership, selection and measurement of resonator structures for implementation in high performance frequency sources, essential to the determination of atomic resonance

Harald R. Telle

For most significant contributions to high precision frequency control and measurements, in particular to optical frequency chains, the invention of the phase-coherent optical frequency interval division technique and early groundwork and demonstration of optical frequency combs and their use for frequency synthesis.

Judah Levine

For outstanding contributions to the field of precise time keeping and time transfer, including pioneering research and development of GNSS time transfer, network time services, and the design of better time scales.

James Camparo

For outstanding experimental and theoretical contributions to the understanding of optical pumping using spectral lamps and lasers for improvement in Rubidium frequency standards used in terrestrial and space-based navigation and timekeeping systems.

Fritz Riehle

For outstanding contributions to the field of atomic frequency standards, including pioneering research and development of optical frequency standards and their measurement.

Long Sheng Ma

For decisive contributions to the development of optical clocks, of fs-laser spectroscopy, and to the refinement of frequency measurement into the 19th digit of precision.

John D. Prestage

For seminal work on the time variation of fundamental constants and outstanding contributions to trapped ion clocks

Hidetoshi Katori

For outstanding contributions to the invention and development of an optical lattice clock

Patrick Gill and Leo Hollberg

Patrick Gill: "For profound and continuing contributions to time and frequency metrology and the outstanding realization of single ion optical frequency standards"
Leo Hollberg: "For seminal contribution to optical frequency metrology with the development of ultra stable optical frequency standards and related femtosecond clockwork"

James C. Bergquist

For seminal contributions to laser spectroscopy and the realization of accurate optical frequency standards