Cady Award

The W. G. Cady Award is to recognize outstanding contributions related to the fields of piezoelectric or other classical frequency control, selection and measurement; and resonant sensor devices.


Ulrich Rohde

For pioneering research, development, and commercialization of signal generating and processing devices for commercial and scientific applications

Bernd W. Neubig

"For 40 years of contributions to the area of piezoelectric frequency control devices as a successful researcher, educator, and entrepreneur and the efforts in the international standardization of piezoelectric devices."

Ajay K. Poddar

For the analysis, design, and development of a host of frequency control products exhibiting state-of-the-art performance, including the development of extremely low noise crystal oscillator circuitry

Michael E. Tobar

For the development of high-Q resonators and low-noise devices with application to frequency control, precision measurement and sensing.

David Howe

For the analysis, design, and development of low noise, vibration-immune, and frequency stable frequency control devices.

Bikash K. Sinha

For theoretical advancements and innovations to the thickness-shear and surface-acoustic-wave based quartz pressure sensors, as well as outstanding contributions to borehole sonic technology in the oil and gas industry.

Georgy D. Mansfeld

For pioneering research in physical acoustoelectronics and acoustics, including acoustic resonance spectroscopy, attenuation mechanisms, piezoelectric properties of thin layers and films, and new acoustic materials.

John Hartnett

For the construction of ultra-stable cryogenic sapphire dielectric resonator oscillators and promotion of their applications in the fields of frequency metrology and radio-astronomy.

Sir Eric Ash

For the invention of SAW resonator technology which is widely used in duplexers for mobile telephony and for his devotion to educating electronic engineers throughout his life.

Daniel S. Stevens

For fundamental contributions to the theory and analysis of piezoelectric resonators, including the accurate description of subtle and complex nonlinear effects.

Jacques Detaint

For important contributions to the development and modelling of bulk-wave piezoelectric devices using quartz and new materials and for determining the interactions between vibration mode shape and defects

Clark T.-C. Nguyen

For pioneering research, development, and commercialization of timing and frequency control devices based on vibrating RF MEMS technology