Opportunity to Sign a Petition : Candidate for the Next IEEE Election

Opportunity to Sign a Petition to Allow a Candidate to Be Considered In the Next IEEE Election.

Dear UFFC-S members, the IEEE Board of Directors has selected two president-elect candidates for the annual election to be held later this year.  In the opinion of many members, a third outstanding person, José M. F. Moura, should have also been selected. If you would like to ensure the strongest slate of candidates, please consider “signing” José’s petition at – www.ieee.org/petition and following the link to “Annual Election Petition?” He needs 3720 signatures to get onto the ballot; not an easy task.

Signing the petition does not obligate you to vote for José. It is purely to allow him to be considered. If his petition is successful, members will be able to compare the qualifications of the three candidates and vote for the candidate of their choice.

José did an outstanding job last year as the IEEE Vice-President for Technical Activities.  Further information about him is available at www.josemoura.com and at www.ece.cmu.edu/~moura.